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S41. Flint Glass – Azathoth. LP. Limited 120 copies


Limited hand numbered 120 copies.

Black, heavy ( 180 gram ) vinyl, LP. Deluxe edition: Packed in wooden folder with plexiglas in front side. 

Time – 44 min.



The Nameless Mist



The Blackness From The Stars

Cognitive Resonance


The Troubler Of The Sands



Album inspired by Cthulhu mythos of H. P. Lovecraft is following previous album Nyarlathotep released in 2006 and is the second chapter of a trilogy inspired by the dream cycles and devoted to Azathoth. In H.P L mythology Azathoth, “The Sultan of the Demons,” is the master of the Other Gods and has existed since the beginning of time. It lives at the center of the universe beyond space and time. There, his shapeless body is constantly contorted to the sound of the monotonous melody of a flute and tribal drums accompanied in his dance by the other gods that surround him. Azathoth is described as monstrous nuclear chaos. His every wish was immediately fulfilled by Nyarlathotep god. This album is more immersive, spatial, dark, organic, melodic and connected to the universe. Each title is inspired directly by a H.P.L novel or by a god himself



All tracks written, performed and mixed by Gwenn Tremorin.
Mastered by Anatoly Grinberg.
Drawings by Pole Ka.
Vinyl collector packaging designed by Evgeniy Kuleshov.



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