Label specialises in releasing music on vinyl in unique
package made of a wood, metal, plexiglas, leather, cardboard.

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S26. Onus ( Arcana and Empusae ) – Proslambanomenos. LP. Limited 99 copies

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Limited hand numbered 99 copies.


Marble, black – white 12 inch vinyl. Special wooden folder.


Peter Bjargo (Sophia, Arcana) and Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe (Empusae). Ethereal, transcendent and ambient soundscapes. Religiously touch and superb percussion. The vocals are sparse and beautifully covered between the different layers of sound. Fine, intelligent and attractive music.


Time – 42 min.



when the innocent dies
the dreams die young
my black wave
into higher self
of two minds
lifes burden



 CD version available –

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