Label specialises in releasing music on vinyl in unique
package made of a wood, metal, plexiglas, leather, cardboard.

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S5. The_Empath & Arx Kaeli - Meltdown. LP. Limited 111 copies
Sold Out


Limited hand numbered 111 copies.



Transparent clear 12 inch vinyl with red and black splashes. LP.
Heavy, 1 kg, six-coal box make at MDF.
Metal grid and plexiglass in a triangle on the forward side.
Laser engraving of letters.



Time - 44 min.



The_Empath - meltdown
The_Empath - death zone
The_Empath - genpatsu teppai
Arx Kaeli - pripyat (The_Empath remix)
Arx Kaeli - star the wormwood
Arx Kaeli - pripyat
Arx Kaeli - rusty forest
The_Empath - meltdown (Arx Kaeli remix)




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